Children's Book //


Written & Illustrated by David Evans

Join Ramona as she wonders about the moon in this story of curiosity, adventure, perspective, friendship and family.


How the book came about…

Not unlike many kids, when my eldest daughter was around 2 years old she was curious about everything that she could point her finger at, or touch. "What's that?.. What's that?.. What's that??" she'd ask in a tiny yet determined voice. As a parent, it was exhausting to keep up with her growing mind's appetite for building vocabulary. But it also helped me to appreciate for the first time, likely since I was her age, all of these things that surrounded us and have names and a purpose in the universe.

Then one day, on an evening walk she saw it-- round, glowing and hanging in the sky, just out of reach. "Daddy! What's THAT!?".

Looking for the moon quickly became our evening ritual. Many nights, grasping at the sky she would proclaim, "I wanna hold the moon!". So I would toss her into the air to help her get a little closer to reaching it. And over the course of about 2 years making this book --conceptualizing, building story arc, sketching, inking, photographing textures (like hair and skin), copy editing, hand writing text and self-publishing; with art direction support from my wife (who is a professional art teacher) and story editing support from my daughter ("what's THAT?!")-- I hope others enjoy looking at and holding our piece of the moon.